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Not very efficient but maybe it doesn t matter in the grand scheme of things. In fact, the term rollback segments is confined to history (or applies only to manual undo management at least). This is, of course, within system limits; these being the size of the undo tablespace and a new parameter named undo_retention. sample data For our sample data we will create a test table and copy a few rows and columns of ALL_TABLES as follows. The down side is with 120+ currencies to update function would run 120 times for each overall currency update process. In other words, we can query our data from a point in time before we or any other users made permanent changes to it. 9i release 1: dbms_flashback Flashback queries in Oracle 9. Attempting to flashback query a new table before then is likely to result in ORA-01466: unable to read data - table definition has changed. 0 examples and timestamps (another new feature of 9i) for the 9. $bSuccess ){echo( Could not create table:.

Again row3 has the same record but its 3 columns have the same data and remaining all are null. – Daniel Pratt Mar 18 09 at 13:53 add a comment |  I hope this query will help you INSERT INTO `dTable` (`field1`, `field2`) SELECT field1, field2 FROM `sTable` WHERE `sTable`. Flashback query works in tandem with another new feature of Oracle 9i; automatic undo management, whereby Oracle manages our rollback segments for us. key1 IS NULL meaning you want unmatched rows. GET_SYSTEM_CHANGE_NUMBER AS scn 2 FROM dual; SCN ---------- 592967 1 row selected. 1,473 Views Hello experts, I need to update the currency exchange rates in an Access (2010) tab many times a throughout the day. A JOIN doesn t do it becuase any JOIN only returns rows that the 2 tables have in common. We ll move straight onto an example to show how this works. );} // -- Fill the table -- $this->sPdoQuery = REPLACE `. We will then enable flashback query to a point in time before this change and then run a query against the sample table.

Of course you d have to tweak that condition for what exactly constitutes a duplicate in your scenario updating table rows in php 4. – JohnFx Mar 18 09 at 14:43      @JohnFx The join worked well for me where I have a destination table with a slightly different structure. Row1 has a record which has 30 columns, out of which 10 columns have data,remaining are null.interracial dating for blacks and indians.
. Another way would be to loop through my JSON file and pass each currency code & rate to a function that uses an SQL Query Qef to first locate the matching currency code and then update its rate. $iUserNumber; // -- Then create the new database -- $this->sPdoQuery = CREATE DATABASE `. We will begin, therefore, by capturing the current SCN and permanently updating our sample data updating table rows in php 4. ` ; $bSuccess = $this->PdoSqlReturnTrue(); if(. I would think the most efficient way would be to create a temporary recordset and then execute and Update Query. While inserting unique records from source table to destination table, how can I update the record with the row which has maximum values like here its row2 and remove other duplicate rows. .

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use MySQL UPDATE statement to update data in a table.



session_set_save_handler (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) session_set_save_handler — Configure les fonctions de stockage de sessions

Learn how to use PHP to interact with the free MySQL to make fully dynamic and database-driven sites. (Free Webmaster Help)

the merge statement in oracle 9i. This article introduces the new MERGE SQL command (sometimes referred to as "UPSERT"). MERGE is …

In this article I will explain about Updating the Database Using the Update Method in ADO.NET.

When updating a Mysql table with identical values nothing's really affected so rowCount will return 0. As Mr. Perl below noted this is not always preferred behaviour ...

Create interactive data tables in seconds with Tabulator. A lightweight, fully featured JavaScript table generation library.

Given a parent table and two child tables, a query which sums values in both child tables, grouping on a parent table column, returns sums that are exactly twice as ...

Hi, I'm busy creating a database for store staff which will be managed by a web page written in PHP. My question is if I have the following columns in the table:

flashback query in oracle 9i. This short article introduces flashback query, a new feature of Oracle 9i. Flashback query enables us to query our data as it existed in ...

Introduction Throughout this tutorial I have taught you how to use PHP to interact with a MySQL (or SQL) database and how to use the most common commands available.

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PHP PDO CRUD Tutorial using OOP with Bootstrap, PDO CRUD tutorial using OOP, Object Oriented CRUD in PDO, How to use OOP …

Convert MySQL to JSON using PHP. Learn how to convert the mysql query result set to json format or file with PHP Programming Language. Easily export mysql to json ...
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updating table rows in php 4

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